Frequently asked questions

A: How much does it cost to join in? What happens if I don't manage to create any order ?

R: To sign up is totally free, even if you won't get any customer to buy anything you will would have been able to get promoter discounts from multiple brands with one coupon code and without contacting each brand one by one.

A: How is the payment processed?

R: We use PayPal, each 25th of the month we will transfer the money earned in the previous month. Sport Guru uses just your PayPal account, we never have access to credit cart data or other sensible information.

A: I am an instructor for multiple sports, how can I manage them all?

R: After the registration, if we approve your request, you can ask to be activated for one or more additional sport. Sport Guru will automatically show you the brands that concern all your set sports.

A: Is it possible to buy the same product from multiple brands?

R: The promoter discount is reserved to the products you need for your personal use only. An order not compatible with a personal use need is a service abuse.
So it' s possible to buy similar products from multiple brands, but the order has to be compatible with a personal use need.
We are working to give more value to the instructors like you, since we recognize your value, please don' t abuse of this service, so we will be able to continue working for enhancing your worth.