Frequently asked questions

D: How can we be sure that the promoter won't use improperly its discount code to make multiple purchases from different brands?

R: The promoter can't overuse its personal discount code, because Sport Guru's algorithms know what the promoter has purchased from any other channel, and in case of multiple purchases of the same category of item, they will block the use of its personal codes.

D: What do we lose if the platform doesn't generate any order?

R: Nothing! Sport Guru doesn't have “entry fees” nor monthly or yearly ones, so it's impossible that Sport Guru's commissions will overcome your earnings.

D: How do we pay Sport Guru? Is it safe?

R: You'll pay Sport Guru using Nexi. Sport Guru's server will request every week (or once your brand has reached 2000 euros of commissions) the payment for the commissions up to the last payment. The payment is totally managed by Nexi. Sport Guru doesn't have any access to sensitive information like the bank account number, credit card number and so on.

D: How does Sport Guru manage the partnership from the fiscal point of view?

R: Weekly (or once your brand has reached 2000 euros of commissions) Sport Guru will create a normal invoice, wholly deductible.

D: Our brand already has a team of promoters spread all over the world, can we manage them with Sport Guru?

R: Absolutely, we totally suggest you to do so! You'll need your promoters to sign up on Sport Guru. You'll be able to track their results right away! You'll benefit from it because your promoters will finally have a serious reason to promote your brand, you'll be able to coordinate and track precisely their results and avoid any problem connected to their fiscal and commercial management . On the other hand, they will be able to earn actual money besides discounts or free gear.

D: Our brand only sells directly only in certain countries, how can we deal with it?

R: From your brand's profile you can easily select in just a few seconds every nation in which you want to be promoted.

D: Is there any risk that our re-sellers would be harmed by Sport Guru's promoters?

R: No, it's actually the inverse, let's see why. When a promoter will explain your product to a client, only a few times this client will end up buying it from your website: if the purchase happens you will have sold your item to the highest possible price, but if the purchase isn't made (which happens inevitably in a certain percentage), the client still will have received a strong promotion of your brand from a qualified instructor and will be more likely to purchase your product from other channels, like your re-sellers.

Vice versa not being Sport Guru partners, means to have thousands of promoters, promoting your competitors' brands and creating inevitably a reduction of your sales made through the re-sellers.

Shortly, even though Sport Guru's aim is to increase the sales made from your e-commerce, the collateral effect is a strong improvement of the brand awareness that will surely show in your indirect sales.

D: Our brand sells products for various sport, how can we manage them all?

R: You can insert each sport that your brand is about in your brand profile. Sport Guru will automatically select all the opinion leaders/instructors related to the chosen sports and in the selected countries.

D: What kind of inner controls does Sport Guru have?

R:Sport Guru has countless control algorithms. They constantly map a lot of parameters like: number of created codes, conversion factor of the single promoters' codes, coincidences of the cell phone numbers on which the clients receive the codes, weird conversion factors on a single website or with codes generated by a single promoter, a significant non causality of events in time, verification of action/position on the promoters devices via gps etc..

D: How do we insert your script in our e-commerce?

R: For the most common platforms Sport Guru has already made the plug-ins. For less common e-commerce platforms you'll have to make a simple integration starting from a base code and adapting it. For the technical details please see the technical tutorial.

D: Once the plug-in is inserted and we have selected the parameters on the platform, what do we have to do?

R:Nothing! You'll be ready to go. You’ll receive a flux of visits on your e-commerce and won't have to worry about a thing. Everything will happen automatically following the settings you chose on the platform. In the same automatic way Sport Guru will request the commissions relative to the orders already paid by the clients.

D:Does Sport Guru help in any way to the logistic management of the orders?

R:No, Sport Guru only helps to sell. Any other activity connected to the purchase, like the shipping, is totally up to the brand.