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The registration of a new brand or ecommerce needs Sport Guru's approval and the quick installation of a plugin into your online store
The registration of new physical shops only needs Sport Guru's approval; no plugin installation is required.
We will contact you within one working day to communicate the registration's outcome.
The promoters' management in the sport field is seldom automatic

The promoters' management now

With Sport Guru you can automate your promoters' management and have thousands of them

How it should be

With Sport Guru you'll have a web of hundreds of promoters who will bring clients directly into your shop.
It used to take you years, but today it only takes a couple of clicks.



Having hundreds of athletes, instructors and opinion leaders in your area (you set your action radius) who suggest to their students and fans, to visit your shop


Being able to make any event, page or post viral on the social media with one click only, reaching in a few seconds a targeted audience of millions of people


Having an instrument with graphs and tables to help you keep everything under control

Promoters distribution in your action radius:

No entry fee

No premium account needed

No monthly/ yearly fee

Our promoters will be strongly motivated to advertise your shop because they will earn a percentage on the orders they will bring; therefore, you will only pay for the actual results you will obtain.

How does it work?

With Sport Guru you can have instructors who have been in your shop and appreciate your service take part in promoting it.
The promoter suggests your shop to his student or fan
Sport guru's promoters can send discount codes to keep track of the sale.
The promoter creates and sends a discount code to his student
The student purchases something in your shop using the code the promoter generated. You can verify the validity of the code with the app Sport Guru Retail (available for free on Android, Iphone and Windows phone)
Sport Guru automatically manages the commissions that are to be given to the promoters who bring orders to your shop.
Sport Guru collects the promoter's commission that you have decided on

But that's not it

You can also invite your promoters to share contents on social media


Choose what you want to share and how much you want to pay every 1000 friends or followers per share


All the promoters connected to your shop will be invited to share the content you chose


Sport Guru's system will verify that the content has been shared and will pay the promoters based on the visibility they reached

Your potential clients will see their favorite instructors of athletes suggesting your shop.

With Sport Guru:

Leaders in sport have available a great tool to earn real money with minimum effort.
You can finally pay the promoters for the results they bring. You can increase the number of promoters and at the same time completely eliminate their management time.


Only on the sales
that are already made

Concerning the sales: you pay only a small percentage ( 2,95% to the platform, plus the percentage you set for the promoters) on what has already been sold.

First you earn, then you pay a small percentage.

You decide how much to offer to the promoters
to have them share your posts, links or events

Concerning social media: you can decide the maximum amount of money that you are willing to spend every thousand visualizations, but it will be totally different from an ad!

The user won't see a shop's ad, but will see his favorite athlete or instructor or the expert he follows who suggests your shops.

The result is absolutely different; you aren't just one of the shops which advertise themselves, you are the cool shop every local talks about!

Why you should sign up now:

In a world in which everything is ever changing the real risk is not to change, not to adapt to the changes that occur even though these might be radical and unexpected.

Blockbuster, Nokia, Kodak and many others are obvious examples: huge companies that went bankrupt because they didn't change.

Do you manage to recall any company that went bankrupt for innovating too much?

In the next few years Sport Guru will revolutionize the world of sport promotion, creating millions of highly specialized B2C agents perfectly organized and coordinated in the territory and on the web, able to reach almost any sportsman in the world.

sign up now, it's free!

Beat your competitors and sign up now!

In a first phase with just a few players it will be easier for the promoters to choose your brand. Signing up now you will obtain many promoters without any effort, and it will be harder for your competitors to collect promoters in the future.

To wait means giving your competitors an almost invincible weapon... who wants to do that?

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