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Suggest the right gear to your student
Suggest the right gear to your student/fan
Create and send him a discount code with two clicks
Create and send him a discount code with two clicks
Your student purchases the gear from the suggested brand or website
Your student purchases the equipment from the sponsor you suggested
In a few minutes your commission will be credited (in the form of actual money, not discounts or coupons!)
In a few minutes you'll receive your commission (in the form of actual money, not discounts or coupons!)

Have you got great visibilty on Instagram? You can earn money posting original contents.

With Sport Guru you can share contents on social media, choosing among the posts or links the brands which you promote are proposing you Sharing only takes a couple of clicks

If the brand accepts your cooperation you can make posts on Instagram and earn money based on the likes the posts will receive.

How much is it possible to earn?

Each brand and ecommerce decides the commission to give you for each purchase you generate, as well as an exclusive discount for the students or fan who use a code you created.
To give you an idea, an instructor can easily earn more than a 1000 euros per month giving professional advice.

Example :
Brand X, which produces ski goggles, offers 20% as commission and a 10% discount for the student.
If the student buys a 125€ ski goggle, you will earn 25€, while he will save 12,5€.

Give your students an exclusive service

With Sport Guru you can offer your students exclusive discount codes, giving them added value thanks to your professional advice.
If you were a student , would you prefer an instructor that can give you exclusive discounts on the gear you need, or one who doesn't?

Among the first inscribed there are:
Lukas Müllauer european freeski champion 2016
Lukas Müllauer
Freeski european champion 2016
Sofya Fedorova snowboard World Cup athlete
Sofya Fedorova
Snowboard world cup athlete
Giuliano Bordoni extreme freerider
Giuliano Bordoni
Extreme freerider
Emiliano Lauzi Big Air Frostgun 2016 winner
Emiliano Lauzi
Big air Frost gun 2016 winner
Šimon Bartík Czech national freestyle ski team
Šimon Bartík
Freestyle ski Czech national team
Giacomo Papa Swiss national moguls ski team
Giacomo Papa
Moguls Switzerland national ski team
Davide Boggio best Italian snowboarder 2017
Davide Boggio
Best italian snowboarder 2017

Value your worth

The few great athletes who promote on tv screens are a thing of the past.

The ones who are on the field every day talking to the people is the future.

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